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Business of Business for Communication Professionals

The Business of Business for Communication Professionals*

Length: 7 modules with three chapters in each module. Each student can, if they choose, take a knowledge check at the end of each module chapter to assess comprehension. Each module is about one hour.

A Course Knowledge Check can be done upon completion of the seven modules.

Certificate of Achievement: Business Acumen for Communication Professionals
Students that achieve an 80% on the Course Knowledge Check will be awarded the Certificate of Achievement.
Certificate of Module Completion: A student receives a certificate of completion upon completing each module.
Course Prerequisite: Familiarity with the Global Standard of the Communication Profession
Career Level: Based on the Global Standard of the Communication Profession
Generalist/Specialist - Communication professional branches into a specific or a generalist focus, where work experience provides opportunities for a more strategic and problem-solving approach in applying the Global Standard. Communication professional applies a deeper understanding and practice of the Principles with business alignment and responsibility.
Strategic Adviser - Communication professional though consistent application of the Principles, broad business skills, understands and represents the organization internally and externally, increased business responsibility including resource management. Highly skilled and confident in business and communication, providing strategic communication advice and counsel to the organization’s leadership.
Course Description: Being a strategic communication professional is about more than just using the strategic communication planning process. Employers tell us that today’s modern communication professional looking to “have a seat at the table” must know how business functions work, and how communication, as the facilitator of enterprise activity, enables the organization to deliver on its mission. This course, aligned with the Global Standard of the Communication Profession and designed specifically for the communication professional, covers the key concepts and functional areas of business.

Economics – Economics Sets the Stage is a prerequisite for all modules. After completing the economics module, the recommended flow of modules is:
• Strategic Management – Strategy is the Map to Get There
• Accounting/Finance – Numbers Shape the Business Narrative
• Strategic Communication – Making It Work
• Operations – Operations Gets It Done
• Marketing – Marketing is the Pulse
• Human Resources – It’s About the People
Upon completion of the course, students will
• Understand the function’s key activities in the organization,
• Recognize where communication and the functional areas intersect
• Value current trends in the functional area
• Utilize functional areas to enhance communication activities of the organization

*This course has been designed according to the Quality Matters Rubrics and Standards of quality online learning for Continuing Professional Education Rubric, 2nd edition.
  • Module 1 Economics sets the stage
  • Module 1 Economics sets the stage
  • Module 1Figures Tables.pdf
  • Module 1References.pdf
  • Module 2 - Strategy is the map to get there
  • Module 2 - Strategy is the map to get there.pdf
  • Module 2 Figures Tables.pdf
  • Module 2 References.pdf (clone)
  • Module 3 - Numbers shape the narrative
  • Module 3 - Budget Process.pdf
  • Module 3 - Company Health Check Up.pdf
  • Module 3 Figures Tables.pdf
  • Module 3 numbers shape the business narrative.pdf
  • Module 3 References.pdf
  • Module 4 - Making it work
  • Module 4 Making it Work.pdf
  • Module 4 Value Circle Use Case.pdf
  • Module 5 - Operations get it done
  • Module 5 - Operations gets it done.pdf
  • Module 5 - Figures and Tables
  • Module 5 - References
  • Module 6 - Marketing is the pulse
  • Module 6 - Marketing is the pulse
  • Module 6 - Figures and tables
  • Module 6 - References
  • Module 7 - It's about the people
  • Module 7 - It's about the people
  • Module 7 - Figures and Tables
  • Module 7 - References .pdf
  • Final Exam
  • Congratulations !
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever